The rat race…

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The Journey  I step down from the cab towards my dream, And there are hundreds like me flowing the same stream. Some smarter some cooler than me, But I maintained my grace and walked all confidently. The lift finally opened … Continued

Love ❤️

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The sign of passion, loyalty and love, This place reminds you of someone really close… Though far away, our hearts are together forever, Missing each other every now and then, we are taking our relationship further. A typical Cancerian I … Continued

Victory… I Did It

I Started my journey some 3 months back, bored in my bed I thought of doing something fun, I loved to write and wordpress became my home, I began to post every day... READ MORE

My First Valentine’s …

We all, especially girls always dream of having the perfect valentine’s day. Inspired by romantic novels and movies we wish someone would get down on their knees, ask us out, give us flowers... READ MORE

Together Us…

I look at you and wonder why, Despite all the flaws you are mine. You hold me tight and promise all the time, To be mine forever, and always let our heartbeats rhyme.... READ MORE