3TC: Three Things Challenge

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The 3TC

My head starts to turn, my eyes start to gaze,

every time you are around me I some how become static and in haze.

I wait for you to look and smile at me,

wishing we Hold hands and walk past the college gallery.

Like a teenager in love , his mere presence gets on my nerves,

Wishing for the time to stop, I wonder what is it that my heart deserves.

You pass by me without even caring a glance,

and I stand right there waiting for my chance.



Just this morning I was talking to a senior I had a crush on during college. Suddenly I had a flashback of all those days and all the lovely feelings one goes through when you have a crush . Therefore I decided to incorporate the 3TC words in this poem.

The words for the three things challenge are: static, nerves , cheese grater. I did not know how to use the third one.



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