5 freaky things about the Quarter-Life crisis…

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Do you remember your teenage days, when friends were your family, happiness your priority and stress, well that was something we didn’t know? We were Enjoying life to the fullest and just living each moment as it came by. Just some years have gone by and I feel different, I feel entrapped in these worldly issues. I have no clue If I am growing up, becoming old or just my brain is trying to mess up with me. This is the Quarter Life Crisis.

This February on the 17th at sharp 7 am I will turn 27. I am not sure if I want to be happy or sad or just ignore it. Happy because it is my birthday, but sad because I am growing and getting old and still unable to figure out life. I still buy comics to read and watch rom-com and animated movies like early days but instead of soft drinks I now have coffee and chips have been replaced by fruits. Weird haan…

fun time with friend

27 you see is a very tricky age. You are not too young to say let’s have a party, and not too old to say leave me alone I don’t want to party. Stuck in between this dilemma of being a youngster and the pressure of being an adult. The people around me also do not by any chance miss out on telling me how old I am.

To top it all I have my ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ where people are talking weirdly to me. They are talking random stuff, and I am not also sure if I want to talk about that. Making the conversation a little interesting, today I want to talk about the 5 weird things that people expect of you when you turn 27 and some random questions they ask you :

  1. Career

    Studying as a kid

    So right since your childhood, most of us have just followed the herd. 10th, 12th and then graduation and job. Well, 27 is the age where you grow up and realize what mess you have created in your life. So one would normally try to experiment with their career and their choices, but nope you are wrong, that doesn’t go on so well in this world. At 27 the one question for crazy people like me is: What are you doing? This is the time to settle in life, earn money, get married and you want to experiment. You will be 30 soon this isn’t what one expects of you.

Why are you a blogger? How will this help you? What will you get? Find a good career for yourself.

Well, blogging gives me something that your conversation doesn’t. It is called happiness.

Go to USA , see your friends are going. Get an MBA or MS and see you will earn a lot.

I don’t want to earn a lot, I just want to happy and satisfied and my life now gives me that. SO India is good for me.

2. Fitness:

It is also not much fitness than it is about just becoming slim. So do you love your cakes and waffles and chocolates? Well not anymore. A little deviation from the perfect supermodel figure and people are on your head. Stop eating so much. You are growing fat, look at the girls around you they are so thin, be like them, stop walking around like crazy. The people expect you to give up all your pajamas and walk around always in full makeup and like you are going for a party.

OMG, you are so fat, you know you should reduce otherwise no one will marry you.

As per India’s sex ratio, there are 940 girls for 1000 boys, so not getting married to me is not my loss, it is his.

Stop stepping out of the house in your pajamas, wear something good.

Well guess what my Pajamas are my best friend, I am not ditching them for anything…

Stop laughing so loud, you are a girl be soft.

How can one laugh softly, laughing is meant to be loud, that is why it is called so.

3. Expectations and social pressure:

Crazy us

At this age for some reason you are the flag bearer of your family and all the world is expecting you to be just pitch perfect.

The perfect daughter, perfect neighbor, perfect girl, perfect sister and to top it all your boss at the office is also expecting perfect employee from you. Well If this doesn’t bring quarter-life crisis, I have no idea what will. These are the questions that you are bombarded with:

You know you should attend your brother’s wedding, he is your only brother.

Really, ask him where he was when I was struggling with my life when I was crying my heart out. As a brother, even he should have been there.

Go out with those kids, they are your age, become a little social.

I don’t want to be social, that is who I am I am proud of it. I have friends and so I am done with adjusting with strangers.

Hawww… you don’t know how to cook, what will you cook for your in-laws after you get married…

My reply: I am sure they are eating now without me cooking for them and they wouldn’t mind cooking for one more person later.

4. Marriage:

Wedding bells

Remember how as a kid you would always make the ugliest face when someone talked about marriage. Well, 27 is the age when that is all people talk about. Your love life, are you dating someone, if yes who is he, how is he when do you plan on getting married and much more. Everywhere you see people your age are either getting married, going on a honeymoon or having babies and you are wondering, Do I want this life ever?

Omg, you are big now, you should get married, I will find you, someone.

how is my age proportional to my marriage, the government did set a lower limit to marriage age but not an upper limit. And you know what would be cool if instead of finding me a perfect match, you find yourself a life.

Apply some turmeric and rose water on your face to look fair, otherwise, you will problems in finding a perfect groom.

Unlike Kareena Kapoor in Jab we met, I never fantasize about getting married. There are other cool things I have in my bucket list, for which my color is just perfect.

There is a guy in London, really nice, you should get married.

Really how do you know he is good, only because he is in London. Also, No thank you I don’t want to get married, why don’t you try your luck.

5. Aging :

aging my sister and me

So as I said earlier 27′ Quater life Crisis’ is an age where you are old enough that little kids call you ‘AUNTY’, but still the adults treat you as ‘Kids’ and you are still wondering what is going on. When I walk down the road, I find a 20 year old attractive but I address him as a kid and when I see a 30-year-old I immediately say ‘Too old’. My college crushes look like old men now, my colleagues have started looking like uncles and I often sit and talk with my friends what is wrong with everyone and that I don’t wanna grow up. It’s been 4 years since college and I am still in the college trance when suddenly people want me to get married and take responsibility.

Stuck in this aging conundrum, while you are still in the transition phase.

Stop arguing with elders, they are more experienced than you.

I am not arguing, just putting forth my point. Age doesn’t bring experience, risk, learning, and struggle brings experience and you clearly have none.

They are your parents, they know what is best for you:

But wasn’t I supposed to be an adult, so I think I can make my own decisions.

So these are the freaky things that Quarter Life crisis brings you. There are lots of men and women who too are hitting that sweet spot with me . I am sure they will completely relate to these situations, wish you ALL the very best and just together let’s handle this phase with little sanity and lots of craziness.

I would love to hear your quarter-life crisis stories too, so please share them.

Stay Happy stay crazy.

enjoying life


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    • Ankita Pathak

      Thank you Abhi… it’s the same story for all people in their quarter life… keep Reading

  1. oldandblessed

    Another good piece. Further comments: Do what makes you happy; stay out of other folks lane, unless they invite you; look for the good stuff in life and celebrate when you see it. This life thing will reveal its meaning in time. Unfortunately, most of us have considerably less time in the last quarter to apply that hard-gained wisdom than the total of years expired in the first three quarters. But, don’t worry, be happy (Bobby McFerrin)

    • Ankita Pathak

      Hello sir thank you so much… And yes I will be looking for the good stuff in life… Keep Reading ☺️

  2. Jyoti

    This piece is too good Ankita. Loved it ❤️. U are almost perfect now 😘😘


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