A Bond Stronger Than Love

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As a kid, I always longed to leave my home,

go out to a place where nobody scolds.

No cleanliness, no studying nothing to read,
just friends all around and lots to eat.

After my junior college, the day finally came,
when I packed my bags and decided to walk the college lane.
Bidding goodbye to all my hoary ties,
I left my abode with all teary eyes.

I entered the college all confused and shy,
and looked all around to find any familiar guy.
But all I saw were quiet, watery stares
who just like me were looking for a friendly flare.

I talked to a few, and connected with some,
but only they in the crowd felt like the ones.
The ones with whom I spent all these years,
despite leaving college they always remained my peers.

All the gossip all the fun,
late night parties and sharing every plumb.
They are family away from home,
and without them, my life is a heartless poem.

I finally found my special someones,
who make me crazy and love me tons.
This is for the awesome three,
No matter what, I will always stick by thee.


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