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period positive

They say my favorite color is red,
But trust me it is you I most dread
Every time I see you somewhere around,
It makes me wanna scream out loud.

I very subtly check myself,
And finding the code I cry for help
I check my bag, I dig my closet,
Looking for my gun that will keep you in a deposit.

Whispering softly I hand you over a flower,
And capture you in a place all sour.

I know you are the ally I will later need,

But for now, I wish you were dead to me.


I sleep on my bed straight and span,

I wonder all night about your ugly plan.

Every morning I wake and check around to see,

if all is well with my bed and me.
I keep visiting you in your den,

Curious about what you are up to every now and then.

you make me gullible to all types of food.


And that is how my days go past,

And one fine day you leave me alone at last.

But the story doesn’t end so fast,

As next month too you’ll come to aghast.



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