Boards 2019 : A Mindful Puzzle

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Well, we all have either faced these exams or are presently facing the boards 2019 examination and my god they are a terror. Right from boards 2019 date sheet to the boards time table 2019 everything is like torture which makes you realize how important your board exams are. To sum up:

It’s the path of life that may never return,

so dig into your books and let your creativity just burn.

As marks in the boards will determine your future,

and failure to study will make you a loser.

These are some of the things we come across on a daily basis while preparing for the boards exam. The students presently appearing for the boards 2019 will realize how the story of every board giving student is the same. So let’s relive and understand the phases in the life of a student preparing for the board 2019 CBSE or ICSE boards 2019 examination.

  1. Early mornings:

early mornings of boards 2019

Ripping off the sea water, rising up the sky,

like a carefree bird, I kept flying so high.

when an amazing thud ripped past my chastity,

from my dreamy sleep, I was back to reality.

A phantom in disguise I woke up to accept it all

and with heavy eyes peeked through my half-open eye to see the call.

The kleptomaniac at my door, who stole my sweet dream,

stood right in front, saying my name in vociferous screams.

My nightmare has just come true, it was my mom once again.

Who in the cold chilling winter stood near my head.

So while we are dreaming of a beautiful place where we are happy, satisfied and enjoying life to the fullest. Our happy space is shattered every morning by our parents especially moms, who stand right at your head to wake you up and get you ready for studies of boards 2019.

Start studying otherwise you will lack behind the others and will not score good marks, look at your elder cousins they are doing so well and you will be looser so start studying for your board exams‘.

2. Back to studies:

studies during boards 2019

I have no clue, where to begin,

the syllabus for boards 2019 CBSE so huge I feel trapped in a den.

Teachers at school and parents at home,

Everybody around seems like a white walker from the game of throne.

I talked to my friends, they are worse than me,

instead of the truth, they are busy being a lying flea.

My cousins advise me ‘ Boards are chill’

they think I am overreacting about this whole goddamn thing.

but hey brother sister let’s get something straight through,

I am so tensed because of people like you.

you scored high and cursed my life,

and now I have to bear with your success strive.

So with so many books around you and the board 2019 date sheet in front of your eyes, you are completely confused. Confused about what is important and what needs to be finished first. Everybody around you is busy giving you bits of advice:
You friend who has been up all night tell you ‘ I am not studying at all, we will see what happens, let’s fail this year’.
You parents tell you ‘ Look at your sister they got 90% marks in boards, you want to embarrass us in front of the family, start studying don’t waste time’ and your cousins’ advice you not to study as these boards exams are just exams ‘ Do not get so much tensed, they are just exams. Trust me you score more in boards then you score in your actual exams’.

Amidst all this tension you are wondering

Is it right what I am doing, or just a waste of time.

what if despite studying so much I still make my parents disappoint.

are these tussle and hustle worth all this life,

what if I could get out of it just in a blink of my eye.

3. Daydreaming

daydreaming during the boards 2019

The board Exam 2019 will be done in a month or two,

but what awaits next door is the wishful truth.

I will sleep for long day hours,

food and friends, I will be dancing in the bars.

life will be perfect no tension no worries,

I will spend the best time of my life with my family and buddies.

The one best thing about the board exams is the plans we make of post-exam parties. We go to the limit of actually planning a road trip with friends to goa. ‘ Once these exams get over, life is set. Once my boards 2019 are over party, food, sleep is all I am going to do. We should plan a trip, a road trip just friends, even our parents won’t say anything’.
But we know what happens one the exams get over

10th students

life is a mystery, I can never solve

what should I opt for commerce, arts or science which from family I devolve,

I have my friends in this school, but this is affiliated to ICSE,

because with exams perspective CBSE is better for me.

Should I take maths and aim for engineering

or through biology open my own medical wing.

Between these options, we forget all our plans,

and before you know you are ready for a new exam.

12th students

 JEE, NEET all exams are about to start,

I don’t think I have the time listening to my heart.

DU forms will be out real soon,

I must decide which field I want to choose.

my decision today impacts my tomorrow,

without a commitment, I may future that is hollow.

4. Final examination

final board exams

She walks closer to me and hands me the sheet,

to fill in the details that are necessary.

my heart is pounding my hands begin to sweat,

I am wondering what suspense the question paper will get.

I start to recall all that I have read,

but suddenly I remember the party plans in my head.

I can’t recall the syllabus nor all that I read,

because my mind decides to play hide and seek instead.,

The final day of the boards 2019 CBSE or ICSE boards 2019 examination is the actual day which tests how much you know and how much you have studied. It is the day when everything around seems dull, all the students are digging their books and as soon as the exam starts there is pin drop silence. You start shaking and praying to wish ‘ALL is Well’.

So that is how the boards go by,

waiting for the results the time just flies.

and before you know the results are out,

and everybody is calling you to wish you loud.

so to all the kids who are busy studying for exams,

don’t get tensed as this time will pass.

what matters is that you stay healthy and strong,

and not let this exam take a toll on you that is wrong.

This exam is no parameter to judge who you are,

It is your talent which will make you a future star.

So stay happy and give it your best shot,

but don’t be disheartened wondering how good the others are.

You stay yourself is the most important call,

and on this note, I wish all the best to you all.

To parents, I want to say,

Stop stopping and let your child grow,

instead of shaping their lives, let them glow.

They have their individuality which makes them great,

don’t let this worldy pressure take a toll on their mental state.

You may say all you want today,

but don’t regret if they give up on life because of what you say.

Be the pillar of strength they need right now,

and pick them up when they fall down.

Victory in boards 2019

PS: The credit for the featured image is to my amazing sister Parul for being such a good artist…


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