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Mom and Me

When you are all dressed up and ready to leave,

Checking yourself with a selfie is a must need.

And when your mom is along

It’s a cherry on the top.


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  1. oldandblessed

    The picture of you and your mom provide what some might call a contrast (traditional vs. contemporary) in terms of optics. However, I would go with the concept of a comparison that shows how two generations compliment each other. Although the surface optics might show contrast, the body language tells the viewer that there’s no generational bridge here. You guys look great!

    This pic moved me emotionally. I lost my mom this year. Alzheimer’s finally won out.

    • Ankita Pathak

      Thank you so much sir..I completely agree, my mom always compliments me .. and I am sorry for your loss..
      Happy reading . 😊


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