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Christmas Time

Christmas is right around the corner and most of us are busy making plans for parties and trips with family and friends. Well, I don’t really have a plan yet but let’s hope I do soon. Keeping that aside let’s talk about Christmas today, well many people believe that SANTA is not real and that he is just an imagination of our mind. Though I am all grown up and I think there might be a possibility of these people being correct, but I still love to believe that Santa does exist and sends me a gift every year on Christmas.

Well the story of my belief goes way back to school when we all longed to become Cinderella and find our prince, we wanted to visit the wonderland of Alice and if you lied your nose would grow like Pinocchio. Well, those were the days my friend, and today I want to revisit some days and tell you about ‘My Christmas’.

Since class 1 I have always studied in a Christian school ‘All Saints’ College, Nainital’. Every year before our school would close for the winter vacation we had a grand Christmas celebration, with plays, parties, cake, food, gifts and much more. One of our school staff actually dressed up as Santa and distributed gifts to the students. We also played secret Santa at times among the friends and as kids, we gifted the most strange gifts to each other like a pen, pencil, chocolate, chips (Well as kids that is all you can afford from your pocket money).


Winter 2002

This one winter in 2002 on the last day of our school, we, as usual, had a grand celebration. This time our school organized a lucky draw, treasure hunt, and many such games and for the first time luck really favored me and I won lots of gifts. The number exceeded my holding capacity which is why my friends, sister, me we all had to carry it home and still some of my gifts fell halfway. That was one of the best days of my life because as a kid the only thing that gives you happiness is gifts and I got lots.

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All pumped up for the Christmas that year I decided to do something different on Christmas. Being from a Hindu family, Christmas for us was like any other day. We would just walk on the Mall road watching the decoration which enhanced the beauty of Nainital. We also collected candies from the numerous Santas that roamed around the area. But this Christmas was different. A week before the Christmas I woke up and sat at my study wondering what could be done. As a 10-year-old kid, all I knew about Christmas was from the school play and celebration. And I thought why not replicate the exact same thing. I made a list of everything I would need which included:

  1. Mary
  2. Joseph
  3. Jesus
  4. Snow
  5. Star
  6. 3 kings
  7. Some Grass
  8. Extra people
  9. Santa
  10. Lights and decoration


One thing I should tell about myself is that as a kid I was really shy. I liked spending time on my own doing all sought of things like drawing, dancing, teaching my imaginary students, and similar stuff. So I couldn’t really ask anyone for help including my parents or sister as they thought I was crazy. SO the only one friend who gave me a helping hand was ENNA, my imaginary unicorn friend (I know it sounds really stupid.).But I always found unicorns extremely cute and not having one as a toy I imagined her.

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Enna and I began on our hunt for stuff and we narrowed down certain things as:

  1. Mary (my Barbie)
  2. Joseph
  3. Jesus (a little handkerchief wrapped like a baby)
  4. Snow (Cotton from the temple at home)
  5. Star (I made it out of paper)
  6. 3 kings ( 3 toys I had)
  7. Stable ( Paint some blank sheets brown)
  8. Extra people ( My house had some old animal toys of clay)
  9. Santa (ME)
  10. Lights and decoration( hang a bulb on top)

Dilemma :

So everything was sorted except for Joseph and to our team of two, there could be no Christmas without Joseph. So after careful thinking for 2 days one night, I heard Enna call me and poke me through her horn. I woke up all shocked and scared. She took me to my sister’s cupboard and showed me the Barbie my sister had brought a month before. In my deep sleep and slumber state, I couldn’t understand a thing of what Enna tried to tell me so I closed the cupboard and went back to bed.

Next morning I woke up to see that the Barbie was lying with all my Christmas stuff and her hair was cut short. I couldn’t comprehend what had happened and didn’t know what to do next as my sister loved her new Barbie and she hadn’t even opened the box in which the barbie came. Here it was lying with hair cut short, a mustache and long beard.


My sister was busy with her tuition so she didn’t realize it then but later things really didn’t go on that well between us. So that is how I got my Joseph and the list was complete. Another problem that our team (Enna and me ) faced was the location. We had to find a perfect place to set up our Jerusalem.


Jesus was a Christian god so I thought he should be right next to our temple at home, but somewhere where my mom can’t see what I was up to as that would just screw up the whole plan. The wall facing the temple was a place where our suitcases were lined up and I thought this was a perfect place. One more problem that now came with the perfect place was Enna. The hidden place was her home, where she slept but after a lot of convincing, she agreed to vacate it and sleep under my bed for some days. So we placed Jesus and his family right in front of the temple where all the gods could also talk if they got bored, and that is how after days of inspection and speculation we found the area for my Christmas stage.


My mom had an old Saree (a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women in India ) and some days back she happen to mention how she doesn’t like it anymore and plans to give it to the maid. I thought perfect, I could use that saree to form a boundary and as a piece of decoration for my stage and with nails and glue I finally placed that saree in a way similar to this


Placing the brown sheets of paper on the floor, I covered them with snow. I placed my lead characters (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus) inside and surrounded them with some shepherds and animals. Somehow my Jerusalem had rabbits, lions, monkeys, and a unicorn all at the same place living in harmony. Then came the part of the three wise kings. In my school play the star above moved on its own and the kings followed. So I too tied some strings and made a system where I would pull the string and the star would move and I had to also make the kings move manually.

The plan to use a bulb for decoration also failed as there was no switch for the bulb close by so I made a plan B. I used a torch/ flashlight as it also helped in focusing to the place I needed. Right in front of Ayodhya (Lord Krishna’s Place) Jerusalem was set up. Till Christmas, I decided to make invitation cards for my play and Enna distributed it among all my family members and some other imaginary people Living in my house.

Final Day:

On the 22nd of December in the evening when all my family members were home.  Taking out all my candies out from the numerous gifts I received from the school. Wearing a red color sweater and pajamas I dressed up as a Santa. I had invited everyone at home to watch my play. After everyone was seated I closed the lights of the room and started my story. It was done in the exact same way as it was narrated in school. For focusing on different parts of the area I used my flashlight. The play was executed and performed very well by Enna (who was given multiple roles: manager of animals in the play, waitress to the guest, and at the end my Santa) and me.

In the end, I distributed all the candies to my family members. In return, I got lots of praise and appreciation for doing a great job. My sister asked me how I bought a male Barbie. She was sure we didn’t have one at home. And all the happiness and appreciation suddenly turned into a war of words between my sister and me.

All proud and lofty about my performance. My mother went around telling everyone in the neighborhood what an amazing job I had done. So our team got another contract of performing the exact same play. This time in front of all my neighbors on the Christmas Eve.In return, we got lots of chocolates and candies from everyone around.

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Gift Time

That night I hugged Enna tightly and slept with her on my bed. I had a smile on my face recalling all the good memories we had lived while planning, executing and performing this ‘Perfect Christmas‘. The next day I woke up to find that Enna was missing. Instead, there were two gifts on my bed, one for me and one for my sister. I got a little worried about Enna but suddenly heard a knock from below my bed. I knew all was well. Well, that year Enna ‘My Santa’ got me a book ‘ A Christmas Carol’ and for my sister, she bought a new Barbie.


Now all grown up, Enna is nowhere near, but she is still alive in my dreams. Now I am no more that shy girl.I have real friends to celebrate Christmas with, but she is irreplaceable.

SO that is my story of ‘Awesome Christmas’. Since then I have been a firm believer of the Christmas spirit and Santa (whom I call Enna). Now on Christmas, I make sure to be with my family and friends. We enjoy, plan trips go out partying which gives us immense happiness. And that my friend is our Santa Gift.

We all are waiting for Christmas eagerly. I wish all you lovely people out there ‘Merry Christmas’ .I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, cookies, and love.

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PS: We didn’t have cameras or phones back then, so I don’t really have a picture of that time. But I hope I have recreated the picture in your minds through my words. I would really love to hear from the readers about how they liked my Christmas.

Happy Reading… ❤️🎂❤️


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