Daddy’s Gem

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In that cold winter morning, when the stars were asleep,
The dew drops around and the sun began to peep.
The birds were awake from their tender dreams,
And chirped all around in morning screams.
In a place far away from the daily crowd,
Stood a man with folded hands and slightly cowed.
His eyes closed in silent prayers
And suddenly from behind came the crying air.
He fell on his knees and kissed the floor
Thanking the lord, he rushed through the door.
Slowly and softly she opened her eyes,
Looking all around began her lifting cries.
He picked her up and clung her to his arms,
With the beauty in hand, he was lost in her charm.
He began to rock her to and fro
And as time flew watched her grow.
Soft as a breeze and gentle as a lamb,
Lost in her own world, her life went on.
With aims sky high and nature toe low,
She wrote her dreams, a new one in each go.
Doctor in the morning, a pilot by night
Her fickle mind kept changing her insight.
She kept looking for inspirations all around,
But little did she know that in the social barriers she was bound.
Taking up challenges and fighting all odds,
Through the bed of thorns, a fighter was born.
Each victory gave her confidence, every defeat made her strong,

With a bag full of experience she became a lady of thong.


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