The Dilemma of the water…

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One day a stranger randomly asked me,
If I liked the snowy mountains or the watery beach.
I thought to myself I didn’t know what to say,
I travel to the beach but it is the mountains where I stay.

Snow capped mountains

The choice is difficult I told the man,
Both snow and water phases of water, you can’t choose only one form.

The snowy mountain is serene and calm,
Whereas the sound of the water has its own charm.
The soft sand of the beach relaxes my mind,
and the beauty of the mountains makes me blind.
The cold snow in my hand freezes my pain down,
And the salty sea water makes all my sorrows drown.

The serene Beach

But I enjoy the snow and dance all along,
And when on the beach I have a sand castle of my own.
I am fond of water is all I know,
In any shape and form, I can never let it go
So if nature doesn’t find it a mismatch and a breach,
I would love to have the mountains near my beach.
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