God : He and I …

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Temple for god

We all have a common habit of procrastinating things and leaving it god. Well if god was a human let us see his version of what we do.


You are my happiness, every man’s friends

You are my hope and it’s you I dread.

You gaze at me all day long,

Sitting high above the pedestal, you take my life’s call.

You call me your friend, and then treat me as a master,

Why do you fear me when you want me to be your raster.

You’ve kept me high up, all by myself,

And stop by me once with a bag full of requests.

Tuesday’s for the strong, Thursday’s for the intelligent,

In your name, I have chosen every day’s temperament.

No non-veg, no drinks when your name I call,

But an innocent goat or cow I will serve at your footfall.

If you believe in me then I am alive every moment,

Don’t give me days, just peace and bestowment.

Non-veg and drink is not what I hate,

But the seeing the dissection of humans is when my heart aches.

The world into countries, countries to state,

But what is worst is the division of the human race,

Based on selfish customs and rituals you drew me apart

And now you wish me to sort your life out.


What do you think?