Journey : Hey it’s me..

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Studying by my window

I sat by my window, talking to myself,

Wondering what I had done in this journey that went.

Locked in my room, with my books all around,

Cut off from the real world, I became a lonely hound.

Hunting for my happiness and a career all along,

But confused in my mind, I had no idea where I belong.

I know they say solitude is a bliss

But in these 2 years of my life, there was so much that I miss.

My mom who always stood tall like a tree,

Could not be seen anywhere near me.

My dad who inspired me with his childhood tales,

He was nowhere around when these exams made me pale.

My sister who spoilt me with the numerous gifts,

I missed her when my life gave me biffs’.

My friends and family, who always had my back,

All just vanished along with my daily knacks.

What is up this season, I had no clue,

Like a snail on the floor, to my room, I was glued.

I had my shares of low and high,

And there were days when alone all day I would sigh.

While everyone thought how strong I was,

It is me who knows what all went wrong.

Hard work and sincerity did not really pay,

But I still went on with my targets of the day.

No soul to talk to, no shoulder to cry,

Just working and dreaming of ‘MY DAY’ the years went by.

There was the failure, and success followed too,

But what I dreamt of never really came true.

I finally realized my life’s final call,

And keeping everything aside, I started my blog.

A Pahadi by birth, and a little crazy inside,

AnadiPahdi for me was the perfect rhyme.

Same room, same walls and still no one besides,

But now I love everything because I live it ‘My style’.

The past is done and dusted in the crying screams,

Now all I want is only happiness and love to resonate from me.


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