Minions : The Speechless Love

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Since I have watched ‘Despicable Me’ years ago I have been completely crazy about Minions. Just like unicorns I wish even they were real. My obsession is at a level where I have a t-shirt, teddy, diary everything of a minion. So this is a small poem to the love of my life ‘ Minions’.

It started one day when I saw you on the screen

Yellow like the sun, your personality amused me.
no clue why but I am still hung up on you,
your yellow shiny body with pants all blue.
With eyes wide open, you had a smile all along,
by the end of the movie, I started humming your song.
Bannaanna… bannnaannaaa was the go-to dance,
Your mesmerized me and I was in a state of trance.
My love since then has only grown,
and now I have you in my personal thrown.


What do you think?