Mother’s Day special: Typical Indian mom…

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As kids we all have been mommy’s kids , holding her duppata and following her wherever she went, in a crowd we always looked out for her and no matter how much we enjoyed the neighbors house , at night we always wanted our mom beside . We loved how she would pamper us, cook us great food and cuddle us to sleep.

As we grow this bond suddenly with no effort begins to weaken a little .

From the caring mother who would make sure you were okay she becomes the annoying lady who disturbs you all the time.

From your best friend you shared your problems with she becomes someone who is trying to forcefully enter your life.

From someone who always had your back she becomes someone who doesn’t understand you because of the ‘generation gap’.

Despite these differences we never fail to talk about our moms when sitting in a group. What is shocking is Whenever you sit with a group of Indians you can be sure that all of them will describe the same characteristics of their mom. So let’s talk about that today.

Warning she is nothing like Karan Johar movies.

If you come home she wouldn’t stand outside the house with a plate of Diya and flowers to look at you.

She will not be loving you no matter how stupid you are.

She will not cry in front of the god crying ‘Mere Karan Arjun aaenge’.

Having established who she isn’t, let’s talk who she is..

Who is a typical Indian mom

Well these are some traits of a ‘typical Indian Mother ‘ and how do I know you ask well my mother is a perfect example.

  1. She wants you to be modern , go with the trend and will act all millennial to show she is cool  : but not so much that you tell her you have a boyfriend or you expect her to be cool with love marriage. If any of these things happen you must know that the standard answer is ‘ talk to your dad’ when deep down she knows that dad also speaks her language only,
  2. She wants you to explore the world, travel live life and have fun : but not alone either you plan a trip with a gang which also shouldn’t be all girls or you wait to get married and then go. ( she can put marriage condition in any place no matter how bizarre it may sound)
  3. She will call you at any time of the day to talk to you for no specific reason and will hang up on you if her favourite serial is on television  : but if you don’t pick up her call two times before you know she is calling all your friends and neighbours to know where you are. If still she doesn’t know where you are be sure she is on a train or flight to your city.
  4. She wants to be your best friend and wants you to share all your secrets with her : but the secrets have to measured and carefully analysed before you tell her as you can’t talk to her about adult stuff like sex, intimacy and other things. Despite you being her kid she will judge you.
  5. She wants you to aim high, achieve your dreams and do something different: but no matter how smart , intelligent you are and what great job you are doing she will keep telling you about your cousin who went to IIT and then IIM and is earning 30lpa which is what most of the people around you are doing.
  6. She will listen to all your gossip and contribute when you tell how your friends and colleagues were wasted partying and were drinking : and right when you think your mom is cool she will throw back all these stories at you when you want to go out with those friends. She thinks she is protecting you by not allowing to hang around with such people.
  7. She wants to be tech savvy and you owe it to her to teach everything: in that process no matter what time of the day it is she will call you to ask the stupidest questions like : ‘why isn’t the Bluetooth speaker connecting to my phone, I think it’s not working’ ‘how do I upload a video on Facebook’ ‘how do I make a collage of photos’. This one day my mom actually edited a photo ,sent it to me and because I didn’t reply in watsap for 5 mins she called me the photo she sent was

8. She carried you for 9 ,months despite the amount of pain and discomfort you caused her: and right when she thinks you are not giving her enough importance she will illustrate the story of how she is the best mom who has giving you so much freedom and carried you for so long.

9. She wants her girl to be modern,wear makeup,wear cool dresses: but going to a pub is no no. I have no clue where am I supposed to wear these dresses. She will make sure to tell how the other girls in the areas dress up so elegantly while you walk around in your pyajama all the time. 

10. Everytime you go she wants to pamper you and make sure she cooks everything you want to eat : and she will never shy away or say no if you want to pamper her ,so bring her whatever you want and she will always hug you and kiss you

Last but not the least when you are low or not feeling very well she will be the one who will keep asking you if you are okay. She will keep giving you home remedies so that you are fit and fine very soon and at the extreme she may also come where you are staying and take care of you no matter how busy she is.

So that is typical Indian mom she can be your best friend, your inspiration and your teacher as and when required ( she is flexible like that) .

This is my mom and me she makes sure we don’t forget to click a selfie before we leave the house, she is millennial like that.

Mother’s Day Quote:

You are my strength, my first love,

Without you I cannot imagine my world.

Though we fight and argue a lot but deep down I know

that you are the one I will come to whenever the times are low.

Though far from me I never forget to say,

That I love you each moment and A very Happy Mother’s Day.

With this I like to wish all the mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day, thanks for making our life worth each second .


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