My First Valentine’s …

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We all, especially girls always dream of having the perfect valentine’s day. Inspired by romantic novels and movies we wish someone would get down on their knees, ask us out, give us flowers and gifts. Or maybe some secret admirer would send a card and write beautiful things about us. Well, the first scenario is good and nice but the second is completely dreamy and to die for and guess what the second happened to me in 2013.

14th February (Valentine Day)

Three days before my birthday (17th February) during the dinner time, we (my friends and I ) were discussing my birthday plans (where to go, what to do as getting out of college was a herculean task and required planning) and were heading towards the mess. We took our food and while going back, the mess guy calls me and said: “There is a courier for you”. I was literally in shock, three years of college had gone by, and leave aside a courier I did not even receive a letter from anybody.

I turned to take it, and to my astonishment, it was a red envelope, with no stamp, no seal, nothing. Somebody probably just dropped it by, in person. My friends started wooing about who was it from, while I just didn’t give much thought to it. We went back to my room and while all 5 of us were sitting, I opened the envelope and inside was a valentine’s day card with a letter. The letter and card were apparently from some secret admirer who had seen and talked to me in the library. He wanted to talk to me so had mentioned his phone no. for me to call or msg.

Valentine's day card


I was sure, that though I am found in the library many times I have never talked to someone I didn’t know, which is why many people thought I was arrogant and rude.

So my friends started insisting that I should actually give a missed call on that no. to see who it was. But I was adamant about not getting into all this nonsense, as somehow I sensed that this is all my friend’s plan, trying to fool me. One of them picked up my phone and actually gave a missed call. And this ended right here.

16th February 

get a reply from that no. Saying that he was wishing that I would reply and all those beautiful things one says. You are pretty, I really like you and blah blah.

17th February

My birthday after valentine's day

Birthday wishes and all the good stuff about he wanting me to be happy always.

Well, we finally got to talking for a week or two. Frankly, though I sensed this was a prank, I somehow wished it was true and prayed that it was true. Something like this was happening to me for the first time and didn’t want it to be a lie. He insisted that I should meet him in front of the college and we could go for a cup of coffee, but I was busy with my friends.

So all this continued for some time and the guy seemed like the perfect guy I wanted. Decent, nice to talk to, read books and seemed intelligent too. Every day I received ‘Good Morning, Good NIght, How are you?’ Messages.

22nd February

I had a morning class of thermodynamics (Mechanical Engineer) and while returning back to the hostel one of my batchmates walked up to me.

She said “Pathak do you have aakriti’s (one of my friend) no. I can’t reach her

I said “no” and the next sentence came as a shock

her new no.too isn’t reachable” and

I instantly replied “new no.? What is that”

She showed me the new no. And yes you guessed it right and so did I. It was the same number mentioned on the love letter on which I was talking to some secret admirer of mine.

I instantly took out my phone and messaged on that no. “ Let’s meet now I am right outside the college.”

I didn’t receive any reply the entire evening.


During the dinner, we (friends) again met and I told my friends that I knew what was wrong. I told that they are such idiots and stupid people to have played that prank on me. To which came the most bizarre reply.

See we didn’t plan this. We went to the market to buy you a birthday card, but there weren’t any good ones. And valentine’s day is just around the corner, so the shop was filled with love cards. We thought let’s give you this only. Had we just given you a birthday card, it wouldn’t be fun. So we asked a junior to write the entire letter, bought a new sim and thought of playing a prank on you”.

We had a good laugh about it, and because I hadn’t talked much.No nonsense there wasn’t much to say instead my friend replied .“ I didn’t enjoy at all, you don’t even reply, with this attitude you will always be found in the library only. Alone with no life partner, and this will be the first and last valentine’s day card you will receive” and well they weren’t completely wrong.

So that is how I got my first valentine’s day card. Not from a secret admirer but 4 idiots who literally loved me a lot. Now when I look back I literally have a good laugh about it. Though I still wish my first valentine day card was actually from some secret admirer. Then the story would be so much different and so Bollywood type.

My valentines

Well if you have friends and really goofy ones like I do. I am sure they would leave no chance to play a prank on you.


PS: I am still waiting for ‘The Perfect One‘ actual valentine’s day card and some secret admirer.


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  1. Anonymous

    Omg. … Ankita… I read full article. .Starting main realise nahi hua. .Ki. .ye.. Prank h. But last main. . .😍😃Hostel. Masti and college friends. .best hote h

    • Ankita Pathak

      Hey thanks a lot .. I know you can never realise your friends can be such pranksters.. and I agree college days are the best. Anyways keep reading and enjoying..

  2. Anonymous

    Very interesting and funny story god bless you and all your friends… ❤️❤️👍

  3. Abhinav

    LoLmax 😆
    Sorry for such a non-academic comment, but the fact that I could relate to d story made it just too hilarious

    • Ankita Pathak

      Hey Abhinav I know it is hilarious.. glad you liked it… Keep Reading..


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