Victory… I Did It

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I Started my journey some 3 months back,

bored in my bed I thought of doing something fun,

I loved to write and wordpress became my home,

I began to post every day and before I know anadipahadi became my epitome.

I wrote my stories and shared my experiences,

and on this journey, I found many good friends.

I don’t know them but we are reading buddies,

they read mine and I love to read their writings.

I never knew life would take this turn away,

sitting and dreaming of an officer would become a writer someday.

I made plans and goals and started my delve,

and with each success, I decided to reward myself.

and then came the night of 11th February,

6 days before my birthday, god decided to play with me.

I open the tab and check my rank,

from 64lakh when I started to 95,181 it had shrunk.

I did not know how to react or what to say,

I just started to cry that my hard work paid.

I never dreamt of so much so fast,

but to all the people with me, I would love to say thank.

This journey was incomplete with you around,

I never knew what I would do without your encouraging sound.


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    • Ankita Pathak

      Thank you so much sir for being a regular visitor. It is your blessings that is helping me grow. Keep Reading.. 😊


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