My Snowy Birthday

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Well, this story goes back to when I was going to appear for my board’s exam. During the winters (Starting 5th December) our school was shut till the March (I KNOW IT WAS SO COOL). But that year due to the pre-boards we had to go to school even in February which is also the month of my birthday. I was all excited not about the exams but because the first time in 10 years of school I would finally celebrate my birthday with my friends. Before I start you must know I am one of those kids (actually adult too) who is always super excited about her birthday. I have actually started telling my friends from now (29th November) that my birthday is near (17th February). I love all the wishes, calls, messages I get on my birthday and what I love the most are birthday presents. I think I live the entire year to finally get all the lovely presents on that one day.

My Day

I started planning like a month in advance about what to wear, where to go and all the good stuff which degraded my grades in Pre-board but yes gave me immense happiness then. On the 17th of February, I went to school with my friend, and all my batchmates wished me, sang for me and it was just a beautiful day to live. We all went to the examination hall, came out all happy and excited about the party. But what came ahead was beautiful yet shocking. While my batchmates were giving exam and I was wondering of all the amazing gifts I would get on my birthday. God decided to screw me up. The entire school was covered in snow. I know some of you would think that it is a beautiful gift to have, snowfall. But for me NOPE… I had seen snowfall every year since I was a child. And this time I wanted a gift from my friends and not from heaven.

my school

So when it snows, the entire weather is silent, and no lightning, no rain nothing. So even if it snows nobody inside the room would know about it. Exactly the same happened with us. While the borders were all happy and playing with the snow, we day scholars were worried because we had to walk down the slope to reach our homes, and that my friend is a task on its own. The roads were white, no sun no light, with bags behind we began on our adventure ride. We all decided to just stay close and walk slowly, and by slowly I don’ mean just slow… I mean S…..L…..O…..W …. Though my birthday was all screwed up I couldn’t afford to screw my body because if you fall in the snow, you just don’t fall you slip and when on a slope you don’t slip you travel far and you have no idea where to stop. In the chilling winters, with snow everywhere, we took 3 hours to reach a place, we normally would reach in just 30 mins.

Not exactly the same, but the path looked similar to this with snow covered all over the road.

Nainital in SNow

Some fun

Midway we decided to have some fun, so our music teacher was walking some 20 steps behind us and finding no one else around we thought, not bad. My friend made a ball of snow and when we were at a turn she aimed the snowball right at him. Well thank god it missed him but instead, it hit a running car and the glass of the car broke. We found no option and slowly began to run (the run on the snow too is slow) and before we knew two of our friends fell down and started sliding on the snow. They were about to fall down the hill when they got stuck on a poll which saved our day. Well now when we began to walk, there was a new issue that most of us were facing. Our school shoes weren’t that strong and so the snowy water had entered through the shoes, into our socks and finally freezing our legs. We couldn’t feel our legs and so had no idea how we were supposed to walk. We sat on a freezing stone somewhere and tried to rub our hands to generate some heat. We were all freezing and couldn’t feel our legs and then a car stopped right in front of us and spoke those 3 magical words. ‘You want lift’. And we didn’t answer, just hopped in. All the Gyaan our parents gave us for years about ‘ no talking to strangers, no going anywhere with strangers’ was all yielded in the snow and all we knew is we couldn’t walk ahead anymore. The man had switched on the heater and his car though a Maruti 800 seemed like ‘Palace on Wheels’ to us.



He dropped us near the market, but I actually had no plans to leave his car and go. I was freezing so bad that I just wanted to sit there in the warmth of his car and go with him wherever he planned to take me. But life isn’t that fair and so we thanked him and got out of the car. We went straight to the ‘CHINA TOWN’ a Chinese outlet in Nainital. We sat there and ate all we could to keep ourselves warm. Starting with momos, thukpa, noodles, chicken, parantha we just went on and didn’t know where to stop. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate everything just came pouring down my throat and formed a mixture which looked ugly and disgusting when it came out of me the next morning.




We left school around 12 and by now it was 4 in the afternoon. We finally bid each other goodbye and started to walk home all alone. While the others were happy as they lived almost close to the market I had to climb some 30 steps, 45-degree slope and then reach home. SO my struggle hadn’t ended yet.

I picked up a stick from the ground and tried climbing up. My hands were swollen to double the size, nose red like that of a clown and clothes all white from the beautiful snow. I walked three steps and slipped two back. Once while half way I slipped so bad that I actually landed on the last step,with my back all broken and legs who refused to walk anymore. I then saw my dad walk down those steps, he held my hand along with my school bag and helped me finally reach home. My mom had made me an amazing kumaoni pua, sae with some hot coffee and aalu k gutke (potato chips).

Kumaoni Food

I celebrated my birthday inside the quilt with my family watching ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. And the next morning I woke up to be greeted with this amazing view.

The Beauty


Well, that wasn’t the birthday that I had expected to celebrate with my friends but now that I think of it, it was more fun. I was with my friends, we walked and chatted (for too long), we went to a restaurant and ate amazing food and about the gifts, that is what actually makes me feel bad the most. But nevertheless Living in hills is an adventure on its own. You may sleep to just a normal little cozy weather and wake up to a landscape covered in snow.

So before I end this story one hack I would leave, my readers with today is when in snow what you do: Place a plate outside, collect some fresh snow and eat it with jaggery. Trust me that is the best ice cream you will have.

Hope you liked my story, please to me if you did. Will meet you soon.

Happy Reading


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