Nan Kahani (Short stories)

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Hello Readers, If you haven’t read about me in my contact page (It’s sad), then let me start by introducing myself first. I am Ankita Pathak, a mechanical engineer by profession, writer by passion and a pahadi by birth. I … Continued

Daddy’s Gem

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In that cold winter morning, when the stars were asleep, The dew drops around and the sun began to peep. The birds were awake from their tender dreams, And chirped all around in morning screams. In a place far away … Continued

Victory… I Did It

I Started my journey some 3 months back, bored in my bed I thought of doing something fun, I loved to write and wordpress became my home, I began to post every day... READ MORE

My First Valentine’s …

We all, especially girls always dream of having the perfect valentine’s day. Inspired by romantic novels and movies we wish someone would get down on their knees, ask us out, give us flowers... READ MORE

Together Us…

I look at you and wonder why, Despite all the flaws you are mine. You hold me tight and promise all the time, To be mine forever, and always let our heartbeats rhyme.... READ MORE