Reservation : Indian Constitution 124th amendment

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124th Amendment

In the past various forms of atrocious discrimination was done against some section of the Indian society . The constitution makers keeping this in mind decided to provide these people their status in the society through reservation by law. This was done 70 years ago when Indian constitution was written on 26th Nov 1949. Since then instead of a boon to the reserved class, reservation has been more of a curse to  the general class. While every year the people of India expect the government in power to take strict action in order to remove reservation but with no success at all .

This year too Indian government recently passed the 124th amendment giving 10% reservation to the economically weaker sections of the society. This amendment has once again created a havoc in the country. Reservation has become the news circulating in the newspaper and news channel. Keeping this in mind I too want to provide my insight to the reservation amendment.

Indian constitution

A few lines to describe my take on the amendment.  


The times truly are changing so fast,

That finally an Indian has decided to contest for US presidential cast.

Tulsi has decided to give trump a tough fight,

Let’s hope she wins and US too sees India’s might.

But what is India going through is beyond comprehension,

While the constitution gave some, the government is increasing the reservation.

10% for economically weaker sections of the society,

I want to ask these people do you think giving reservation is our priority.

The rapes are high, Kashmir is still burning down,

And what you think is important is more reservation in the town.

The civil servants are resigning, CBI chief being bought to court,

But amid all this ruckus you thought of saving your votes.

With The salary limit you have fixed is 8 lakhs per year,

You decided to include 90% of the County in your voting planner.

I challenge these men to try giving the government exam,

What the students  go through you too should face that trance.

Every day we give our best just to be beaten by your reservation,

Despite being better than many we loose because of our constitution.

Reducing and not increasing the reservation is the need of the hour,

For once keep your politics aside and think of the situation in which we are.

If there are vacancies why wait for the elections,

We are the people of India we demand equal conviction.

I think you are mistaken about the reason of our slow growth,

It is because of your policies the cream is leaving the country try finding a different source.

Where their knowledge and not caste is given worth,

Despite being talented they don‘t have to fight the reservation mirth.



Advocate Indra Sawhney, whose plea in the Supreme Court has said she would soon decide whether to challenge the government’s move extending 10 per cent reservation to economically weaker sections among the general category.

Article 14

Ms Indra has again decided to challenge the law with screams

The 124th amendment does not once again kill the general categories dreams.

To the government I really request you to think,

When elected by us don’t you feel guilty of being so mean.

You keep stabbing your people with false mirage.

And despite being a democratic we feel no better than during British Raj.


6 Responses

  1. rohit

    reducing reservation is not that easy ( remember 2 april 2018 strike ) there should be political consensus among all the political party , which is impossible in democratic country like india where every political party has their audience (#vote bank )

    • Ankita Pathak

      I completely agree Rohit… The vote bank politics wouldn’t let the reservation percentage come down…

      • rohit

        My point is you should give practical solutions to the problem , that will make ur article more impressive……. Btw nicely written…. keep writing

        • Ankita Pathak

          The practical solution to the problem I feel is reducing the reservation percentage and giving proper conditions for the reservation…
          Thanks ☺️


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