Scary Dream…

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I woke up all scary

This morning when I woke scary  at 6,
My feet were tied and someone held me by my wrist
I tried too hard to set myself free,
But the holding force kept pulling me.

I cried out loud and tried to spout,
But somehow my voice couldn’t reach anybody around.
My voice had lost its chime and ding,
And helpless I lay there listening to my alarm continually ring.

In panic and fright, I let myself lose,
And woke up to find no cut no bruise.
I turned around to look at my bed,
But other than me there was no soul to stead.

I checked my door, window they all were locked
and wondered if it was true or a bad dream that I saw.
Sitting wondering what went wrong,
And took to google to know something more.

Sleep paralysis was what I endured,
With mind conscious your movement is flawed.
It’s harmless, but frightening and makes your body coil,
A death like an experience which stops your inner turmoil.


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    • Ankita Pathak

      Hey Santosh, I agree many people have experienced this state…

    • Ankita Pathak

      I completely agree … It’s a daunting experience… Thanks for reading. ☺️


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