Stay Close…

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In the cold winters of November, I started my blog anadipahadi with great zeal and enthusiasm. My blog was like my little child and I made sure that I nurture it with full care and affection. Midway, I somehow lost track of it and got involved in the outside world. Some days back  I realized what I was ignoring and I felt like I was letting something so special and something so close to my heart slipping away from me. Well, this poem is dedicated to my blog by which I want to ‘ Stay Close’ which I make sure to be extremely loyal to always.

The Start

Stay Close as we say hello

The cold winters of November when you first came close to me,

I was so happy to see you that from I there was now our family ‘We’.

I started with great enthusiasm and zeal,

but soon lost track of our beautiful life song.

Every moment with you was filled with pride and joy,

and now without you, my life has silence all around.

Letting go

I see you slip away from me,

and wonder where did I go wrong.

No place to go, no one to hold,

just me and myself in this four-walled room.

I want you back in my lonely life,

please just stay and give me some time.

Stay Close

Stay Close as I am lonely

I promise to nourish you every second of the day,

and no matter how hard my life we will always remain the same.

We are a family and we will have to stay tall,

no matter the issues I will be here whenever you call.

Therefore please stay back and don’t leave me,

I promise to always take good care of thee.

This poem is very close to my heart.  I never want to feel like I neglected something which is so dear to me. We all sometimes take things for granted and later repent. Therefore before it is too late catch hold of what you want as time will never be back again.


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