The Battle Of The BULGE

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The only time luck was in my fate,

Was when I was born all ugly and underweight.

Malaria and chicken pox came following behind,

And my mom got worried as I looked all wined.

But then luck changed so bad,

I began eating and didn’t know where to stop.

Mommy’s love and daddy’s care,

My sister too filled with food my surrounding air.

I began to grow so fast,

Height all still, stomach grew vast.

All chubby cheeks like a teddy I looked,

But who cares as I was in love with my food.

And then again everything changed so fast,

 That my weight became the town’s laugh,

People would pass all nasty hate,

And I wondered why they bothered about my weight

My friends too gave me ‘lose it’ look,

And before I knew my family followed suit.

Only my mom stood by me,

As all the worry and embarrassment only she could see

That’s how my adolescence went by

 The mocking face and laughing eyes made me cry.

But then I meet someone so wise,

Who showed me the power of exercise.

Who instilled in me my confidence back again,

And proved me how beautiful I was despite all the bane.

That is how the bulge battle set about,

When I decided to lose the extra pound.

I still am on my journey to being fit,

Let’s hope I can share the change in a short bit.


Well, this isn’t about my battle to bulge I wanna talk about,

But to all the men and women who fat shame people around.

No one gave you the freedom to mock us all,

Be happy in your own skin cause we sure are.

It’s not my fat that bothers you here,

But the confidence I have, it shakes your nerve.

So get a life and start something real,

Before you are smashed shut by the belly ordeal.


What do you think?