The Great Escape…

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Our boundaries for the great escape

We all have heard many fairy tales where the princess is bound behind high walls and boundaries. One day a miracle happens and she frees herself from all these boundaries and manages ‘ Great Escape’. Well, we all have similar stories. Our boundaries are not made by society but ourselves and we get so entangles in these boundaries that we forget who we are.

I once heard of a fairy tale,

About a beautiful princess who lived in a veil.

Bound with the walls of the palace

She never knew life beyond her solace

She dreamt of birds, trees and the sky,

And how one day even she would spread her wings and fly.

The day when someone would finally set her free,

And like a birdie, she would feel the outside breeze.

I thought to myself my world resembled a similar ball,

Where my own beliefs were my confining walls.

I knew the world but from a different set of eyes,

As all, I could see where all the evil resides.

I too wanted for someone to break my trance,

Hold my hand and introduce me to this worldly dance.

Someone whose hands guide you ahead and showed me the truth,

Though not always beside still discover my soothe

I found that treasure dug beneath this world hustle,

He extended a friendly hand and I had my great escape from this fierce tussle.


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