The Morning Saga

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I woke up this Monday morning, all lousy on my bed.
And went up to the window to watch what was new ahead.
I looked at men Running to work and cars Rolling on the road
And wondered to myself if I was the only unhappy soul.
The others around seem perfectly satisfied with what they have,
Then why is it that I want to challenge my destiny that is carved.

I cut that thought and put on my running shoes
getting ready for a run I started my warm-up dues
I stepped outside in the winter morning chill
and espying around carried on my daily 3 lap drill.

Rbi, NitiAayaog, Lok Sabha I crossed them all one by one,
Observing the Men and women shivering all night, finally waiting for the sun.
The one interesting thing that caught my sight,
was the little-naked guy running on the road all shiny and bright.

I thought to stop, talk and reason him
about the warmness he carried in this cold winter wind
He said he had neither clothes, nor home, and no shoes
and so no worries and no hair falling lose.

I continued on my second running lap
with breath, all high and mind occupied on the chap.
I finally reached my favorite place
in complete silence, I sat and began to stare.

India Gate ahead and President house behind
I began to think of the people living inside
Were they the happiest soul on earth
who bothered about nothing and had nothing to hurt.

My third lap ended at the metro stop
where all the men were waiting for the bus to hop.
They all had the grumpy, tiring work life cast
which made them blue, despite all the good things they had.

Later when I sat to have my daily meal
one final thought of the day struck me
Happiness and sorrow are states of mind
smile or cry I choose my own lifestyle.

No life is pitch-perfect here,
Stop all the chatter and start living my dear.
Before it is late and life hits you back,
And you leave the world with only regrets in your sack.


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