10 Answers to the year that went by ‘2018’

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As the hour strikes 12 on the 31st eve, amidst all the parties and songs and dance we all would enter into 2019. 2018 will then be history and we will make plans to enjoy what 2019 has to offer us. Though we might struggle with penning the dates down correctly, our brain will get accustomed to it eventually. So the one thing we all religiously do on the new year is to analyze the past year and make plans for the new year. For some 2018 was fantastic, filled with joy and happiness and for some not so good. Well for me It didn’t really start well, was followed by some smiles and tears but ended fantastically with anadipahadi. SO my 2018 was:


Well, normally every year I do the analyzing and planning bit on a piece of paper which in some months I lose 😋 and end up spending my year an exact copy of the previous one. But this year somethings need to change and one of them is my analysis. This year things were good and bad both but at the end, I like to remember only the good stuff of my life as the bad things too were a lesson which made you confident and mature as a person. So let’s dig into the ‘YEAR THAT WENT BY’.

  1. BEST DAY:

    When I started my blog I had no clue what I was signing up to. I talked to a friend saying that I wish I cross 1k views and 50 subscribers till by birthday ie 17th February. On the 28th Dec this happened:

In less than a month I crossed 1k views, 100 like, and 50 subscribers. I still don’t know if it is good or bad. All I know is that was the best day of my life. So I want to thank all the lovely people who read, like and subscribe to my post. I hope to be writing the best of what I can. Happy Reading.

2. Best Moments:

At home, we have tenants who have a little 3-year-old kid (ANSHU). He is a bundle of joy and believes me I have never met a kid as cute and innocent than him. I keep telling his mom ‘If I ever have a kid I wish he is like Anshu’. So every morning when he gets up he comes running and starts knocking at our door. He knocks at our door and shouts ‘ Pathakji (my dad) Open the door it’s me Anshu’ (as if we don’t recognize him).

Anshu and me

The above is a photo of Anshu and me wearing Christmas caps. He may look innocent here but is nowhere close to that.

3. Best Gift:

I am a die-hard fan of BAGS and DIARIES… and anyone who gifts me bags is on the top of my list of people I love. This year my brother in law sent me 1 bag, I bought myself 2 bags and my friend gifted me 5 bags. So in total, the best gift I received was the 8 bags I got in 2018.


A bag is a woman’s best accessory as it helps you carry your home along with you. If any day one catches hold of my bag, it is a Pandora box. My box always has a water bottle (I drink lots of water), wallet, scarf, kindle and a diary rest may depend on the weather.

4. Best Person I met:

I travel frequently by train from Delhi to home and back. While traveling home one day I found this really amazing guy. He was an attendant guy who was so charming and helpful to all the passengers. I ended up asking his name and tweeting about him to IRCTC that they should have more such attendants. It is possible that I may have gotten him a promotion because I didn’t see him again after that.

I don’t have a picture of that guy, but yes I feel we need more happy people like him to spread happiness.

5. Best food:

Though 2018 was the year I started running and exercising, I am a foodie and I have a sweet tooth. I am trying really hard to control my sweet intake but with very tiny success. So I have written about my best food item earlier as well, which is waffles. My god they are yum!!!

Waffle and coffee

I wonder why I never tasted them until this year. Warm waffle with coffee makes me drool again.

6. Best Book:

So I read a lot of books this year and reading one still ‘Sapiens’. I haven’t completed sapiens so it’s not on the list. The best book that I read is ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck’. This book I tell you is custom made for me. It actually helps to overthink people like me to calm themselves and live life at ease. I also came across this amazing book Moonwalking with Einstein, which explains the concept of memory palace beautifully.

My best books shot

Though I am still reading Sapiens it is already on my list of the best book of 2019. For anyone planning to start a book please go ahead with Sapiens. It very beautifully explains the origin of Homo Sapiens and how we reached where we are today.

7. Best Buy:

As mentioned earlier I started running this year, thanks to a friend who motivated me. So the best things I bought or gifted myself this year are running shoes and a Mi Fitbit. Now I have happy feet and a healthy body, but still struggling with sugar.

Still fighting the Battle of Bulge and let’s hope I am soon fit as a fiddle.

8. Best Decision:

I have been one of those kids until recently who wanted to do everything to make my parents happy. This year I decided to take that mask off from me and start living my life on my own terms. I realized that I am not ice cream and can’t keep everyone happy, so what is the best option is to keep yourself happy let the others take care of their own happiness.

9. Best song:

I have been longing to travel since a really long time but was caught up with exams. This year I came across this perfect travel song I am listening to on loop and it is also my ringtone. The song is ‘Naika-Ride’.

This year I plan to travel a lot so hopefully, this song comes in handy. Fingers crossed.

10. New Obsession:

No guessing it is my love ‘Kindle‘. I bought Kindle in 2016 and was one of those people who believed in ‘HARD COPY HAS A BEAUTIFUL FEEL’. Well, it is all a myth. Kindle is the best thing one can have if you love reading. It is Easy to carry, portable and most of all so light. I cannot write much about it because I already have



In history books, we read that earlier people were buried with what they loved. If one finds my grave years later, it is going to have a Kindle with the battery completely dead.

Well, these are the 10 things that made 2018 so special for me. I hope you enjoyed reading how my year went by. I too would like to read about yours, so please write your answers to these 10 questions with #theyearthatwentby and tag me too.

Wish you all a very Happy New year 2019. May this year be full of surprises, smiles, and happiness for you,

Happy Reading.


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