The Perfect One

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When the path was all dark, you walked beside,

Holding my hands in yours you unfurled the light.

I was lost in my world of money and work,

You walked silently and pulled me away from the Dirk.

Unleashing my soul, you showed me where to delve,

And like a guiding light, helped me explore my inner self.

Now everything was in perfect place, and life had found its true worth,

When in the midst of all this little did I know that I had fallen in love.

Not sure about my feelings, hesitant to confess,

I just let the days pass and one day you professed.

Enjoying your company, relishing this beautiful bond,

We decided to take this further, and give our love a new form

Though far away, our hearts are together forever,

Missing each other every now and then, we are taking our relationship further.

A typical Cancerian I wear my emotions all around,

But like a true Piscean your love never lets this bond go down.

You are a packet of joy, that always makes me smile,

And with you, I want to travel life’s each mile.

With arms spread out and down on my knees,

I someday wish to ask you,



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