What If…

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What If

What If the world was flat, not round,
No gravity no clouds just you and me would resound.
No oceans to bathe, no mountains to trek,
Life would be awesome without the mundane wreck.

What if we all lived with compassion and harmony,
No division no states, the world one big country.
Life would be so peaceful and calm,
And we wouldn’t have to wake up to a war alarm.

What if humans had long pointed nose,
Without honesty and valor like Pinocchio, we would froze.
No more fist fights no using gun,
Just by our nose, we would keep poking everyone.

What if I woke up as a male someday,
All traits the same , just some hormonal change.
Without elegance and poise , just bragging about my brain,
I would do anything to be a girl back again.

What if God was one of us,

Laughing and joking around, fighting this life’s usual fuss.

All our wishes and prayers would finally come true,

As we would realise not him but we have to make this life work through.


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