Winter Solstice

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The dew drops in the winter

The cold winter chill makes you lazy and dull,
Every morning I wake up fighting over going for a run
My heart all cozy wants to get back and indulge
But my mind convinced me to fight the battle of the bulge.
I look outside the window, it’s all scary and dark
Nothing breaks the silence, without a soul, it looks stark.
I get back to bed to wake up in 15,
But before I know I am in deep sleep.
I wake up again at 8 and look all around.
But in this morning haze, nothing can be found.
I put on my shoes, my jacket, and pants,
And leave the house to experience the chilling winter chants
Like a newborn, the dew drops held on to the grass,
As without it, it would lose its existential chance.
Like a shy girl, the sun too gave a glance,
But it’s cloudy brothers stood in a perfect stance.
The chilling wind froze me head to toe,
My hands all numb and a red reindeer nose.
I came home after an hour of walk,
Smiling all through, over my morning thought.

Every year the seasons come and seasons go,
but what stays the same is the happiness it endows.
So instead of cribbing about the heat and snow,
Let’s all come out and enjoy this wonderful flow.


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  1. chahar8

    It’s amazing. The way you described it was wonderful.

    Like a shy girl, the sun too gave a glance
    #LineOfTheDay πŸ‘Œ

    • Ankita Pathak

      Thank you so much.. I am glad you loved it.. β€οΈπŸ’žπŸ’ž


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