Women: Our strength

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Women are like the morning view

8th March

Every year the 8th of March is a special occasion as we celebrate womanhood. It is the women’s day where we remember all the lovely women who have made this beautiful life and aim for living a life as courageously as them. Every woman lives many lives but manages to balance it so well. so today I want to dedicate this poem to all the lovely women around the world and tell them that I respect you and love you all.

Like a morning breeze, you are so soft and light,
like the morning sunshine, you lighten up my life.
You are the beauty that makes me numb,
Your heart of gold is like the soothing sun.

Women are like burning candle

Like a candle, you burn yourself each day,

Only to make sure that there is light everywhere.

Like a blossoming flower, you spread the joy to one and all,

And keep smiling forever no matter how hard you fall.

You are born a warrior and a fighter since birth,
And I know you will bring out the best in this world.
Not just today but this life is on your command,
So stay fresh and be a woman all strong.

You define what love and compassion really mean,

And through your care and warmth, you made me.

International Women’s day 2019

Happy women’s day to all the lovely women all around,
I wish you all the happiness as you deserve the world’s shiniest crown.

let’s promise ourselves to balance it all,

and the make the world a place which accepts each gender with an equal call.


This years Campaign theme for the women’s day is #BalanceforBetter. A balanced world is a better and more beautiful world as it ensures the celebration of women’s achievement and fights all the bias. So this women’s day promise yourself to stay happy and always support women when needed.

featured image courtesy https://greenstonemall.co.za/blog/celebrating-women/


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