The Year Ahead.

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Happy New Year to all the amazing people. I hope you have an amazing year filled with happiness, success, and fun.

So this year while I was thinking of planning my year 2019, I stumbled on this amazing ‘The Year Ahead’. I thought answering my questions about 2019 is the best way to plan the year ahead. So here I am picking my favorite questions and answering them truly and faithfully. I would love to know your answers to these questions so please post on your blog as well and share the link in the comment or tag me along. So without any more due let’s get into it.

1. MY WORD for the year ahead:


2. Six Sentences about my 2019:

a. I will not procrastinate any more about Travelling, Going out and writing and posting on my blog.

b. I will Draw my energy from my confidence, Parents and Excercise.

c. I will be the bravest when: I face tough and difficult situations.

d. I will say yes when: asked to do something I have never done before.

e. I advice myself to Be happy and not overthink about my life.

f. 2019 will be special because: It is 2019, the year of great achievements.

3. Magical Triplets for the year ahead:

a. Make my surroundings cozy with Coffee, Love, and Books.

b. WIll do daily every morning: Wake up early, go running and meditate.

c. Pamper me with regularly: Trips, Bags, and books.

d. Three Place I will visit: Ladakh, Andaman, and any foreign country.

e. Three presents I will reward my successes with Waffle, Books, and Ipad.

f. I want to achieve: Posting good articles and poems, buy a car for myself, enjoy and learn new things in my job.

g. I will say no to Gossiping, daydreaming and procrastinating.

4. This is what my 2019 will be about :

a. Friends and community: Make new friends and cherish the old ones.

b. Health and Fitness: Run daily and start playing a new sport.

c. Intellectual: Read 30 books in 2019.

d. Bucket List: Travel to at least 6 new places

Scheduled posting of blogs on anadipahdi

Daily exercise and running.

Read 30 books this year.

Meet new people


2019 plans

My dream

So with the dream to achieve a lot and the hope that by the end of the year I have ticked off all the things from my list. I would like to Thank everyone for making 2018 worth each day of my life.

This list is really helpful and I would ask you, people, to also to answer the questions and post your answers in the comment section.

Happy Reading.


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  1. Anonymous

    That’s quite a list i would say.. and I wish that your bucket is gonna fill. And best of luck… Most importantly enjoy the journey throughout this year. Go anadi pahadi…

    #HappinessIsPriority 😋

    • Ankita Pathak

      Thank you so much for your wishes .. I wish the same for myself 😋.. Happy New year… And may your year be filled with happiness and lots of joy… ☺️


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